When a plane crashes near their refugee boat, together with others Firas manages to save one little girl. However, there is little room for joy out at sea.


One year and a half ago we started working on this project, never thinking it would become reality. Seeing how far we've come is still surreal. Your support and response have been incredible and heartwarming.

Today, we have a film which we are proud of, but we know we can still take it to the next level. That is why we have decided to continue filming this year, in The Netherlands and - most likely - Lesbos.

This does mean that we will all have to wait a little longer to see the final result, unfortunately, but we are convinced it's worth it. We know we are testing your patience but we are hoping for your understanding, and we are most of all hoping to see you at the premiere soon!

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Firas sails together with his Syrian countrymen towards Europe. While crossing the Mediterranean Sea a plane crashes near their boat. Among all the debris, one little girl miraculously survives. The refugees manage to bring her aboard the ship; in shock and confused. Firas is confounded by the presence of the girl. Soon his state of mind starts to work against him.


Firas vaart samen met zijn Syrische landgenoten op een boot richting Europa. Tijdens de reis worden hij en zijn lotgenoten getuigen van een vliegtuigongeluk. Al snel vinden ze tussen de wrakstukken in de zee een meisje dat het ongeluk overleefd heeft. Ze halen haar aan boord; in shock en in de war. Haar aanwezigheid doet bij Firas veel stof opwaaien. Al snel blijkt zijn mentale gemoedstoestand tegen hem te werken.

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